How to Apply

    Please note: the deadline for Expressions of Interest in applying for Moray LEADER has now passed. The information below has been retained on this page for interest.

    Below we have set out the various stages of the LEADER process but rest assured, a member of the team will be on hand every step of the way to support you through the application process.

    Step 1 Speak to Us

    Contact us to check if your project is eligible and to discuss the application process. All project applications for funding LEADER must fit with at least one of our six strategic objectives set out in the Moray Local Development Strategy.

    Step 2 Express Your Interest

    Once you are ready, go to the Scottish Rural Network website and complete the Expression of Interest (EoI) form. You will be asked to provide basic details of the project at this stage including a brief summary and project costs. This is the first formal step in the LEADER process and allows us to provide written feedback on your project idea normally within 10 working days.

    Step 3 Detail Your Plans

    The next stage is to complete a project plan and/or business plan. Support can be provided by a member of the team if necessary. Business applicants and larger community projects are encouraged to provide a detailed business plan to support their application.

    Step 4 Final Submission of Application

    Next, complete a full application using the Scottish Government’s online grant management system, called Local Actions in Rural Communities (LARCs). This system streamlines the process of both applying for LEADER funding, and the completing of claim forms in order to draw down funds.  

    Again assistance from the Moray LEADER Team can be provided to take you through this system.

    Step 5 The Decision!

    All applications will be assessed by the Local Action Group (LAG) members, who decided if your application will be awarded funding.  Moray LAG meetings are normally held quarterly throughout the year. Your application will either be approved, rejected or deferred and you will be informed of the decision shortly after the LAG meeting. If your application is successful or deferred, we will inform you about the next stages.

    And finally...

    The excellent folk at the Scottish Rural Network have produced a cheerful wee animation that summarises the LEADER application process.

    LEADER animation from ScottishRuralNetwork on Vimeo.