From the Field to the Firkin: Windswept Brewing Company Circular Economy Project

    Windswept Brewing Co, Lossiemouth, and to include a trip to visit project partners in Belgium

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    Windswept Brewing Co have received a grant award for their project to explore the feasibility of creating new short supply chain for Moray based microbreweries and local grain farmers.

    This is a transnational cooperation project between Moray LAG and GAL Burdinale-Mehaigne in Wallonia, Belgium.

    Windswept intend to collaborate with Moray based farmers, malting houses, and also a local coffee roaster to produce malt from locally sourced barley, to then create a new premium value product. This project will also allow Windswept to market test the new product to assess whether there is sufficient demand to establish this local short supply chain on a more long term basis.

    The project aims to build upon a preparatory visit to Moray from a delegation from GAL Burdinale-Mehaigne, in Wallonia, Belgium. The cooperation activity will include peer learning visits to Belgium and to Moray as part of the project, where representatives from each area can learn and share expertise with counterparts in the agricultural and brewing industries. The project provides an opportunity to transfer knowledge and expertise, between the world renowned brewing industry in Belgium, the modern craft brewing expertise of Windswept, and the Speyside whisky industry.