Renovation of Elgin Museum for Modern Tourism

    Elgin Museum, High Street, Elgin

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    The Moray Society have been awarded funding to help ensure that Elgin Museum, which is a public building, continues to be available to the Community and Tourists for generations to come. The renovation work addresses key issues which will significantly improve the condition of the building, protecting its collections housed within as well as prolonging its lifespan allowing future generations to benefit from this significant and much loved resource.

    The work will focus on priority renovation work to reinstate the fabric of the building to its condition when it was constructed in 1843. There has been water ingress to the stone work and work undertaken in the 1970’s has acted as a destructive force due to the nature of the materials used at that time. We are aware of the historical importance of this Italianate building within the general architectural history of Moray and this project will enable it to be restored to its former glory.

    The renovation of the exterior of the Museum and hall will enhance the appearance of the building and will contribute to the attractiveness of the High Street for visitors to the town. It will be significant progress to the development of the tourism product of the area.