Redevelopment of Our Much Loved Skate Park


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    KeRBS have been awarded LEADER funding for the redevelopment of the skate park in Keith. The need for a skate park was identified about 17 years ago by the local community and the fund raising began. Wheeled sport lovers at that time were deemed a nuisance to their neighbours by using roads, pavements, etc, simply because there was nowhere to go to enjoy their sport.

    The skate park provides a fun way to keep fit and to work together to improve their own local community. KeRBS is an urban sport facility and is cultured to attract and engage the local youth population of Keith and its surrounding areas. They aim to help young people to be confident, responsible, effective contributors within their community. They aim to provide a challenging layout but at the age and stage of the users. The skate park is well situated to local amenities and it is not close enough to be causing a disturbance to the neighbours nearby.

    However, it was clear that due to wear and tear of 14 years the ramps are unsafe, we have already removed unsafe equipment and replaced 5 new ramps after raising £47,000.