Macbeths Hillock

    Macbeth's Hillock, Hardmuir View, Brodie

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    Karen Sutherland has been awarded funding to improve Macbeth’s Hillock from a currently undervalued tourist destination to a focal point in the promotion of Moray as the home of Macbeth. Macbeth’s Hillock is a natural Knoll located beside Brodie and is said to have been the site where Macbeth met with the three witches who foretold his rise to king and then his future demise.

    The Real Macbeth was born in c1005 and it is believed he became Mormaer of Moray in 1032 so Moray was very much his home. Macbeth went on to defeat Duncan in battle at Pitgaveny by Elgin, himself then becoming King of Alba in 1040.

    Five mini lodges will be built. These have a quirky uneven appearance so as to resemble witch huts. They also however, have large sloping roofs and are finished with wood to be in keeping with the historic nature of the site and accommodation in the 11th century. Each lodge will sleep 4, providing a total of 20 extra beds for visitors to Moray. The mini lodges will include a small en suite shower room and kitchen area, making them completely self-contained. Each lodge will also be provided with a picnic table and outside fire area with fire pit, Tripod hanging grill for barbequing and log seating. These mini-lodges have been chosen to bring tourists to Macbeth’s Hillock.

    In addition to this high-quality accommodation there will be information in the form of interpretation boards to visitors of the hillock. Written in conjunction with Cameron Taylor the author of On the Trail of the Real Macbeth King of Alba, they will tell the story of Macbeth, the witches and the Real Macbeth, as well as giving tourists information about other sites in the area relevant to this time.