Moray Ecovillage Development: A Model for Sustainable Community Building in Scotland

    Activities throughout Moray, and to include trips to visit project partners in Norway and Germany

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    Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) have been awarded funding for a transnational cooperation project that aims to promote ecovillage development in Moray communities.

    GEN will support moray communities to develop partnerships and build lasting relationships with project partners in Norway and Germany. In doing so, the project aims to build local capacity to improve community resilience and support communities in moving towards a more sustainable future.

    The project will build on a preparatory project that engaged Moray leaders in ecovillage design principles in Estonia at the 2018 GEN Europe conference. Those leaders will support GEN to deliver engagement sessions within 20 communities in Moray, before selecting 3 community projects to develop as showcases. The showcase communities will have the opportunity to experience reciprocal learning exchange visits with the project partners in Norway and Germany.