The Cullen ECO Museum


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    The Cullen Volunteer Group received funding for their proejct, to bring Smart Tourism to Moray using a smart phone app and augmented reality to turn Cullen into a walking museum; an ECO-museum. The project will encourage locals and visitors to engage with the history of the town and using modern communications technology.

    ECO-museums are an vibrant new mechanism through which a community can take control of its heritage and enable new approaches to make meaning out of conserving its local distinctiveness and its interpretation. An ECO-museum presents at the place where natural historical and cultural historical subjects happen or happened. Presentation need not be restricted to exhibitions but can now be out in the landscape and all around the town.

    The project will empower and involve the local community in the preservation, conservation and interpretation of Cullen's heritage resources. It will also enable the use of heritage to aid local sustainable development.

    The funding will be used to support the cost of developing the new ECO-museum app and for collating local heritage resources.