Celebrating the Spirit of Crofting

    The Grant Hall, Rothes AB38 7BJ

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    This event is a celebration of crofting diversification and growth. The programme is a mix of presentations, workshops, networking opportunities and an awards ceremony and dinner, to be held on the Friday evening, that celebrates the contribution of young people in crofting.

    This inspiring event offers an opportunity for knowledge transfer, showcasing small to medium croft enterprises from producer to consumer and exploring the links and possibilities in these enterprise chains.

    The lead up to the event will involve a working group which will be established to make a call for entries to the Young Crofter of the Year Award and Best Newcomer Award. This award ceremony will take place during the event in Moray. In addition to the awards, there will be workshops on adding value to produce, talks from inspirational producers of food and drink and site visits to showcase best practice. SCF staff and volunteers will support the intergenerational exchange of knowledge and make links between crofters and small scale agricultural producers.