Accelerating an increase in Capacity of Green Bridge Coffee Company

    Findhorn, Forres

    Total Cost

    LEADER Award

    Intervention Rate

    Green Bridge Organics (GBO) have been awarded funding to upgrade their production and sales capacity. GBO is a local, Findhorn-based business, which aims to provide high quality, organic products for affordable prices, in order to encourage healthy, environmentally-friendly consumption and to support the local economy. They have begun this journey by roasting and grinding organic coffee beans for local sale.

    The LEADER grant will fund the following in order to upgrade production and sales:

    Purchase of a 10kg roasting machine, a smoke filtration system, grinder and packaging machine, in order to improve our production line efficiency, increase our profit margins and free up time for other activities.

    Larger premises in order to hold the equipment and larger-scale production line.

    A part-time roasting assistant to reduce management time spent on production, with this local person benefiting from training in a skill which is in growing demand.

    Re-branding of logo, packaging and website to target consumer groups which prefer high quality coffee to be sold in more sophisticated packaging.