Competition is brewing at Windswept

    Posted on 24 January 2020

    Competition is hotting up within the brewing team at Windswept, as they pit themselves against each other to produce a winning local brew for Moray.

    The team at Windswept Brewing Co are heading up the Moray LEADER funded, From the Field to the Firkin, project in an attempt to establish a short supply chain between Moray based grain farmers, malting houses and microbreweries.

    Over the last 10 years the brewing industry has become well-established in Moray. But because small scale craft brewing requires different types of barley, different types of malt and significantly, much smaller quantities compared to large scale whisky production, it has proved to be a challenge to use local home-grown barley.

    The findings of the project could lead to positive changes that will support the future of the local brewing economy in Moray. Last harvest, Pitgaveny Farm grew a small amount of a specific variety of barley suitable for brewing, just to enable the trial to take place. Most of the varieties of barley currently grown in Moray are more suited to whisky production.

    Right now the grain grown by Pitgaveny Farm is sleeping. Barley goes into a dormant state over the winter to protect it from the harshest elements. In the next few weeks, once the barley has broken dormancy, it will be malted and turned into beer with a local provenance.

    Nigel Tiddy from Windswept Brewing said: "There’s nothing like a bit of competition to get the brewing juices flowing. The brewers have come up with some really interesting ideas and I’m looking forward to trying them all out.

    "We are looking forward to involving local people in the process too as we feel the community really support us as a small business."

    As part of the competition, a tasting event will take place at the Windswept Brewing Tap Room in February, with the final From the Field to Firkin brew set to be launched in the late spring of 2020.