Moray LEADER helps make Keith skatepark half-pipe dream a reality

    Posted on 13 September 2019

    A report from Ke.R.B.S following the completion of their Moray LEADER project. Ke.R.B.S' Redevelopment of our `much loved` skate park project was awarded a LEADER award of £24,040.93, towards their total project costs of £38,510.93.

    Ke.R.B.S (Keith Rollerbladers, Bmx and Skateboarders) is an outdoor skate park facility situated in Keith. Its purpose is to provide a fun, sociable but safe environment for wheeled sport lovers.

    "With Moray LEADER supporting our project in redeveloping the skate park facility in Keith, it was a great boost. It has gave us the belief that we can achieve our aim and develop the skate park for the young people in the Keith area further. We would not have been able to do this without this valuable help. We were able to join the funds to match fund along with funding from Tesco Bags of Help and Edintore Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund enabling us to install a complete phase rather than sections consisting of 5 new ramps.

    We have now had the new ramps installed by Urban Ramps for phase 3 which has provided a safe and enjoyable skate park once again. We are extremely proud of our achievement so far. We do realise however that we still have some work still to do but we still believe in the aim we set away at the beginning in that, Ke.R.B.S will have regenerated the whole skate park facility for all to use to use for many years to come.

    We will continue to fund raise in the community by holding our usual fund-raising events (raffles, tombolas, bottle stalls, coffee mornings, discos, etc). Ke.R.B.S will have regenerated the whole skate park facility.

    We have received a lot of support, assistance and information from the local community, youth workers and Moray Council. We have also showed our support and gratitude by offering our services to help local groups. We have met some fantastic people who support what we are hoping to achieve.

    This is a picture of phase 3 which includes 2 quarter pipes, fun box, spine and a skateable bench which Moray LEADER has helped fund towards, we could not achieved what we have without support from LEADER and other funders. The skate park is busier than ever with many new users as well as the committed experienced users.

    Kyle McHardy, age 17, wanted to share his thoughts, "I've been using the skatepark for nearly 12 years now using skateboards, bmx and mostly my scooter.  I have met many friends through wheeled sports. I am on the committee of Ke.R.B.S and have helped with many fund raising events. I have been involved with the redevelopment of the skate park and I helped to design the skate park along with other committee members. Before the redevelopment started the ramps were unsafe to use so its great we have managed to fund raise so much with the help of Moray LEADER and other funders to regenerate this well used, popular facility. Helping with fundraisers etc. I still go up on dry days after my work as it keeps me fit and healthy. I also enjoy teaching the younger ones who come up to use the skatepark."

    Marc McHardy, who is 13, told us "I love going to the skatepark and go as long as its dry and spend most of my time there. It's a great place to learn new stunts with lots of great ramps. Lots of my friends use it also which is great.  The new ramps are ace and the skate park is really busy."

    Kerry Maver, who has a 12 year old son who has been a regular at the skate park for the last 7 years, stated "The skate park is a valued place in our community where Michael can go to socialise with his many friends and meet new ones! I am grateful to have such a facility in Keith as it gives the young ones physical activity combined with social interaction which is face-to-face instead of behind a screen!"

    Rachel Scott, who lives outwith the Keith area also visited the skate park and said, "Took my son Cody and his mate up to KeRBS yesterday for a change of skate park and he loved it! He says he will defo be back.""