Increased funding rate announced by Moray LEADER

    Posted on 6 July 2017

    Moray LEADER has announced a big increase in the rate at which it will fund projects that strengthen the local economy and build capacity in Moray’s communities. 

    Previously, the programme, which has a total budget of around £3.5 million, offered support of up to 50% of the total cost of a project.  

    Moray Local Action Group (LAG), who run the programme, have decided to boost that rate to 70%, which means that applicants will only have to find less than a third of their funding from other sources. 

    Moray LEADER Programme Co-ordinator Norman MacAskill said:  

    “This is big news for potential applicants to the new Moray LEADER Programme and we hope it will encourage more applications from across Moray. Above all, we want to get this money out the door and working for the good of the Moray economy and communities.  

    “We know that finding match funding can be a huge challenge for organisations and businesses, and this will take some of the pressure off them and mean they could only have to find less than a third of their total funding from elsewhere. 

    “Anyone with an idea for a project that contributes to achieving the aims of the Moray Local Development Strategy should get in touch to talk it over with us. If it looks like a good fit with LEADER, we’ll help them to turn that idea into a strong funding application and a successful project.”  

    Anyone interested in applying for funding from Moray LEADER can find out more by emailing or calling 01343 818570.