Funding for the future in Moray

Please note: the Moray LEADER Programme 2014-2020 is now closed.

LEADER is a bottom-up approach to delivering support to communities for rural development. Its aim is to increase support for local rural communities and business networks to build knowledge and skills, and encourage innovation and cooperation, in order to tackle local development objectives. This includes support for non-agricultural small businesses including farm diversification enterprises.

Moray LEADER were awarded an allocation of £3,453,040.00 to deliver against the Moray Local Development Strategy.

The Moray Local Action Group (LAG) have committed the entire project funding allocation for the Moray LEADER Programme 2014-2020. Moray LEADER is now closed to new Expressions of Interest.

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You can find out more about LEADER in Scotland on the Scottish Rural Network website.

Moray LEADER works in partnership with the Highland & Moray Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) which initiates a community-led approach towards the sustainable development of fisheries areas, using funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014-2020.