Who can apply for LEADER funding? 

    Constituted community groups, small enterprises including social enterprises, public bodies and individuals can all apply for LEADER funding. Moray LEADER funding is available to applicants from across Moray, except for the area which lies within the Cairngorms National Park, which has its own LEADER Programme.

    What will LEADER fund?  

    LEADER will fund innovative projects that are based in Moray, or in co-operation with other areas, and that contribute to achieving the priorities and objectives of the Moray Local Development Strategy. Priorities for funding include Rural Enterprise Projects and Farm Diversification projects. You can also develop a Co-operative Project, which would be jointly funded from other areas in Scotland, or the UK or even other European states.

    We are particularly interested in receiving applications relating to projects that match the following strategic objectives:

    • To increase participation in local labour markets through social enterprises, social entrepreneurship and third sector development
    • To build stronger local supply chains for Moray food, including fish, farm and game products
    • To develop collaborative projects which explicitly target the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged households in rural communities, particularly to enhance mobility and access to affordable services
    • To help Moray move towards a low carbon economy through increased energy efficiency and renewable energy production by means of domestic, business, community and collaborative action
    • To support small business formation and business sustainability and survival (including market development) relating to the indigenous base where those businesses either export goods and services outwith the region or substitute for imports into the region

    What level of grant is available?  

    LEADER will usually fund up to 70% of project costs, with the remaining project costs being met through match funding. This intervention rate can vary, depending on the project being funded. 

    What support can I expect?  

    The Moray LEADER team will be available to support you at every stage of your application, and to refer you to other appropriate sources of support. 

    How long will funding be available?  

    Moray LEADER funding is currently available but the programme will close for applications early in 2019. All funds will have to be committed by the end of March 2019, although projects which have received funding can continue activity until late 2020.

    How do I apply?  

    Full details can be found in the How to Apply section. The best first step is usually to discuss your ideas with the local LEADER Team.