The LEADER Programme

Moray LEADER welcomes applications for funding from community organisations, businesses and individuals for projects that further the aims of the Moray Local Development Strategy.

  • To increase participation in local labour markets through social enterprises and social entrepreneurship
  • To build stronger local supply chains for Moray food, including fish, farm and game products
  • To enhance the quality of the Moray tourism product. To stimulate local involvement in tourism networks to enhance product quality through collaborative action
  • To develop collaborative projects which explicitly target the mobility needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged households in rural and fisheries communities, particularly to enhance access to affordable services
  • To help Moray adapt to the needs of a low carbon economy through increased energy efficiency and renewable energy production by means of domestic, business, community and collaborative action
  • To support small business formation and business sustainability and survival (including market development) relating to the indigenous base where those businesses either export goods and services outwith the region or substitute for imports into the region